dailyish dose of curvspo - martine mccutcheon! i felt badly about having to do another one of these after kat dennings - jeez, you people love her more than christina hendricks - but it had to be done so i went with the seasonally appropriate choice. if you’re at all like me, you know martine mccutcheon from “love actually” in which she plays hugh grant’s love interest natalie. she is a JOY in that movie, between her hilarious lines (i did ‘ave an allful premonition i was gonna fuck up my firs’ day. aw piss it), her gorgeous smile, the chemistry she has with daaaayvid the prime minister and that red coat (!!). the fact that they also make a joke of the fact that she has “thighs the size of big tree trunks” which she CLEARLY doesn’t have (as hugh grant says in my favorite line of the movie “ooooooo would we call her chubby?”), she’s a perfect choice. martine is ridiculously talented (she’s also written and had a solo singing career) and curvy and wonderful. i love her, actually.

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